There are two choices for Sunday's morning services.

BibleQuest transparent icon.png

A Bible Lesson for students K-6


A study of the 4 Gospels and why there is 4 Gospels

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The West Clermont School Bible Group Online Lesson about Jesus

Pastor Scott - What Do Trials Reveal

Various Scriptures

Pastor Scott - A Personal Faith

Luke 18:35-43

Pastor Scott - Easter Sunday - Disproving Christianity

Pastor Scott - Palm Sunday and the Timeline of the Passion Week

Luke 19:28-48

Pastor Scott - Our Essential Characteristics

Pastor Scott - We Live in the Unknown, Called to Live by Faith

Isaiah 43:1-2

BibleQuest transparent icon.png

A Bible Lesson for students K-6


Several Video Bible Study Lessons


Sunday morning services and Wednesday night Bible Study


The audio of the Sunday morning worship services.

Crosspointe social media

Social Media look-in of our ministries

As we move forward, you will have three options for your worship time.

  1. We will now meet inside the building on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM.  (Click here for the policies and practices we have in place to keep you safe) 

  2. We will continue to have Drive-In Service at the same time in our church parking lot (audio only).

  3. Services will be available on Facebook Live and our church website Sunday Services.

Crosspointe's Online Services

Sunday at 10:30 AM and Wednesday at 7:00 PM.

Wednesday Night Live Online Service

Wednesday at 7:00 PM Pastor Scott will continue the teaching of the Gospel of John online. 

If you don't have Facebook, it will still work.  Watch the live service or watch previous live presentations.

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